Women of the Mayflower


Attention Texas Artists!

Are you passionate about the arts? Do you feel called to ministry and want to showcase your talent as an aspiring actor, musician, singer, or dancer? We are now forming an Arts Ministry Team in Texas!

Our maiden project, “Women of the Mayflower,” begins with a staged reading of the play. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your talent to the next level for the Kingdom of God and His Glory! We look forward to hearing from you!

James and Robin Capers

Please email Robin for more information: Robin.Capers@gmail.com

“Embarkation of the Pilgrims,” by Robert W. Weir (1843), oil on canvas. Photograph courtesy Architect of the Capitol.

Women of the Mayflower

A full-length stage play

Inspired by the historical writings of William Bradford

Written by Robin L. Capers

“Women of the Mayflower” focuses on the lives of three women aboard the Mayflower ship and tells the story of 17th-century Separatists as they journey to America in search of freedom. Find out what led to their downfall and what went wrong with their government. Discover their hope for a future generation, become part of the story—and step into God’s Glory!

“The Mayflower Compact – 1620,” by Allyn Cox (1973-1974), oil on canvas, Great Experiment Hall Cox Corridors. Photograph courtesy Architect of the Capitol.

Project Overview


Author: Robin L. Capers

Format: A full-length stage play with music, song, and dance

Genre: Historical Drama

Subgenre: Prophetic / Message

Logline: Pilgrims risk their lives as they sail across the Atlantic to the New World in search of freedom, only to be greeted by a hostile environment.

Tagline: Bringing healing to the people and the land!

The Problem: Division

The Solution: Healing & Unity

Purpose of this Creative Work: As part of God’s Army of Artists, “To lead the way of a New Renaissance and Reformation through Repentance that will bring Restoration and Healing to the land through the Arts” (Holy Spirit, 2019).

The Objective: Productions in multiple cities throughout the USA—beginning in Texas

The Target Audience: Individuals from all ethnicities and walks of life

The Expected Outcome: Deliverance, healing, redemption, and unity

'Pilgrims’ Grace,' by Henry Mosler, 1897. Allentown Art Museum of Lehigh Valley, The Athenaeum.
“Pilgrims’ Grace,” by Henry Mosler (1897). Allentown Art Museum of Lehigh Valley, The Athenaeum.

Cast of Characters

WILLIAM BRADFORD, a separatist, adventurer, governor

DOROTHY MAY BRADFORD, Bradford’s high-maintenance wife

ELDER WILLIAM BREWSTER, a separatist, Bradford’s mentor

MARY BREWSTER, the wise woman, Brewster’s wife, can sing

LOVE, the eldest son of William and Mary Brewster

WRESTLING, the youngest son of William and Mary Brewster

CAPTAIN MYLES STANDISH, the hired military leader

ROSE STANDISH, Standish’s contentious wife

MASTER JONES, the captain, and owner of the Mayflower ship

DOCTOR HEALE (also John Carver), the ship’s doctor*

JOHN CARVER (also Doctor Heale), a separatist, the first governor*

THREE SAILORS (also Merchants 1 & 2), the hired crew, can sing*

TWO MERCHANTS (also Sailors 1 & 2), the greedy wealth-seekers*

SQUANTO, a member of the Patuxet tribe, can sing

CHIEF MASSASOIT, the Chief of the Wampanoag tribe




Robin is a writer for stage, screen, and television. She also writes vignettes to communicate God's truths and principles that are found in scriptures as well as His Revelations through dreams, visions, prophecies, and NDEs (Near Death Experiences) in the form of palatable entertainment.

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